Now that you have your appliance, we would like to emphasize the importance of patient
cooperation in achieving the best possible results.

Patient cooperation involves the following:

1. It is very important to learn to eat with the appliance in place. The appliance must be
worn at all times except while brushing your teeth. It should also be left out while
swimming. Always keep appliance in case provided when not being worn (dogs and
cats love to eat plastic retainers).

2. Brush your teeth and appliance well. The retainer may simply be rinsed after lunch
and in-between-snacks; but should be brushed thoroughly after breakfast and dinner or
before bed. Clean the appliance using a toothbrush with toothpaste or interproximal
brush that was provided. While appliance is out, brush teeth and gums well with an
approved fluoride toothpaste. At night be sure to brush on the fluoride gel after
brushing your teeth.

Wear appliance exactly as shown. If anything is broken or any wires are bent, make no
attempt to adjust it yourself. Phone the office.

Do not slurp when swallowing, put your lips together and swallow. (We recommend you
practice with a straw to help this process).

The success of treatment depends upon patient cooperation. If the patient does not wear
the appliance full time as instructed, it will not work, and we reserve the right to
discontinue treatment for lack of cooperation. There will be appliance charges for any
lost appliance or appliances broken by mishandling. Because of time limitation and the
size of our orthodontic practice, some appointments will be made during school hours.

We hope your ortho experience is a pleasant one. Your assistance and understanding in
these matters is greatly appreciated.

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